baby with a cold

How to handle a baby with a cold

For new parents, a baby’s sniffles can feel like a mini crisis. It’s especially hard for moms and dads to stop obsessing if either one is alone at home with the sick infant. Who do you turn to for advice?

headaches can be dangerous

Self-medicating chronic headaches can be dangerous

It’s been a long day and your head is throbbing unbearably. Without a second thought, you swallow an over-the counter pain reliever to make the ache go away. But did you know that only worsens your health problems?

blood pressure checked

Dizzy spell in the office? Time to get your blood pressure checked

It’s been a long, stressful day and you’re still in the middle of a report when everything around you suddenly starts spinning. You wonder if it’s real or whether it’s just your imagination working overtime. By the time you work out what’s really happening, that brief spell of dizziness is gone. Dismissing it as a minor blip, you continue with your work.

Doctor 24x7 app

‘Who wants to wait at a clinic for an hour-and-a-half? I choose Doctor 24×7 app’

On a visit to her hometown Jaipur this February, New York-based Saila Kukar found herself struck down by a nasty cough.

“After two days of suffering, I knew I needed help. I had heard about the Doctor 24×7 app from my friends so I downloaded it to contact a physician,” Saila says. It was around 5 pm when she called and she was happy with her consult with “a very attentive doctor”.

Stretch marks to swollen breasts

Stretch marks to swollen breasts: 6 symptoms new mothers should not ignore

We’ve all seen images of new mothers all calm and serene, gently rocking babies to sleep. But those of you who’ve brought new infants home know that life is hardly that picture perfect. Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, especially after delivery when you are struggling to regain your own health.

Five things women should know about the “silent killer” PCOS

A recent study reveals that one in five Indian women suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)*. One of the most common hormonal diseases affecting reproductive-aged women, shockingly, its diagnosis is completely missed and often ignored. Hence, it’s been nicknamed the “Silent Killer.”


You’re never too old to be vaccinated

We’re always hearing about how important it is for children to be vaccinated. But how many of us know that adult vaccinations can save lives?

In a lifetime, you never outgrow your need for vaccines. Even if you have been vaccinated as a child, protection from some vaccines can wear off or the virus can evolve leaving you defenceless in its wake.

Do women need to worry about cardiovascular disease? Yes!

There’s a popular belief that heart ailments are largely a male problem. Medical statistics, however, tell a different story. Over 60% of urban Indian women are vulnerable to cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to a Saffolalife 2015 study. Three out of five women aged 35 to 45 are at risk.

‘I used to think these apps were all money making schemes. But Dr 24×7 has changed my view’

After doing the rounds of several doctors to no avail, Deepti Bhalla was anxious to find a cure for her 18-month-old baby’s allergies. The pollen allergy had left her infant daughter with swollen eyes and red under-eye rashes. “I was really upset

‘A health scare in an unfamiliar location is a nightmare, but Dr 24×7 came to our rescue’

In January 2016, Rupinder Singh’s wife, Rachna, had gone with her side of the family and her five-year-old daughter to Puri for a holiday. A day before their return to Kolkata, their daughter fell severely ill with food poisoning. “My wife called me from

“Easy and convenient way to get a physician’s opinion. Great experience!”

Father of two, businessman Amit Chand had anticipated the need for a doctor on call and downloaded the Dr 24×7 app before he had cause to use it. The first time he called was when his elder daughter, age 6, complained of a stomach ache at 9 pm.