Doctor 24X7 helped me with quality medical advice at a time when no local doctor was on call

Doctor 24x7When his two-and-a-half-year-old son fell ill with high fever while visiting Dehradun with his mother and grandmother, Ravi Malik went into crisis mode.

“We got blood tests done and the reports came back in the evening. We wanted to see a doctor the same night but we were told that the local doctor in Dehradun would not be available for consultation till the following morning. I wasn’t with them at the time, which is why I started to panic. I even considered driving down to Dehradun myself,” says Ravi, a Delhi resident who works with the NDTV start-up,

Fortunately, Ravi’s sister had heard about the Doctor 24×7 app and advised him to give it a try. After a quick registration process, he was connected to an experienced paediatrician. “I got a call back from the doctor within a minute,” says Ravi. “She examined the test reports thoroughly and suggested that we take our son to the hospital in the morning. He was already on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection so the doctor did not suggest any further medication.”

Ravi’s family is now back in Delhi and a final diagnosis for his son is still pending. But he’s highly impressed with Doctor 24×7 and credits the app with helping him obtain quality medical advice at a time when no local doctor was on call. “That night, I was very worried but the doctor at the other end of the line was very patient and calmed me down. She listened to the symptoms carefully and gave us excellent medical advice,” he says.

Ravi is also full of praise for the Doctor 24×7 app interface which he found simple to register and navigate. “It asked for remarkably few details like name and phone number during registration, making the process very easy. The interface seems to be very user-friendly,” he says, recommending everyone download the app because you never know when an emergency may strike.

If you need to speak to a doctor, download the Doctor 24×7 app and converse from the comfort of your home.

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