Doctor 24X7 practically saved my life

After discovering that he was allergic to shellfish in 2005, when a reaction to crab fried rice sent him to the hospital, Ashutosh Sharma has been extremely careful about steering clear of crustaceans. But recently, the 44-year-old entrepreneur found himself in a similar situation when an online kitchen got his order mixed up. Thankfully, it was another close shave, this time thanks to Doctor 24×7’s timely intervention.

‘The doctor I spoke to was calm, and she helped soothe my nerves’

Ashutosh had ordered chicken curry from a Gurgaon-based online kitchen. Taking his first spoonful of curry after it was delivered to his office, he knew something was wrong. “I felt my throat constricting, and then I broke out into a sweat. I was also nauseous,” says Ashutosh, who then quickly checked the curry, and realised the online kitchen had sent him prawns instead of chicken.

Unsure about whether one spoonful of curry – he hadn’t ingested the prawn – would warrant a trip to the hospital, Ashutosh called his wife who was in an office nearby. While waiting for her to come pick him up, he decided to get a quick consult using the Doctor 24×7 app. “I had downloaded the app after seeing a Facebook ad,” he says. “My wife would have taken at least half an hour to get to my office, and I wasn’t confident about driving to the doctor myself in that state. At a time like that, Doctor 24×7 came in very handy,” he says.

Ashutosh was connected to a doctor instantly. “Given my previous episode, where I was hospitalised for three days with bad hives and had to be given oxygen, I was extremely anxious. But the doctor I spoke to was calm, and she helped soothe my nerves,” says Ashutosh. “She asked to list my symptoms, and then explained that since my breathing wasn’t restricted, I needn’t panic.”

‘I was connected in a matter of minutes, saving me precious time that I would have otherwise spent looking for a doctor’

Temporarily reassured, Ashutosh waited for the doctor’s prescription, which was sent to him via the app within a few minutes. He also received an SMS informing him that the prescription had been sent. He had been prescribed an anti-allergy tablet, as well as an SOS pill in case the symptoms persisted. By this time, Ashutosh’s wife had arrived. Sensing how anxious he was, and given he also suffered from high blood pressure she suggested he ask the doctor about taking his anti-anxiety medication. Ashutosh used Doctor 24×7’s follow-up call feature to get connected to the same doctor, who gave him the go-ahead. Thankfully, the symptoms subsided and he didn’t need to take the SOS pill.

Looking back, Ashutosh says it was a blessing that he had the Doctor 24×7 app downloaded on his phone. “I was connected in a matter of minutes, saving me precious time that I would have otherwise spent looking for a doctor. I could rush straight to the chemist and buy my medicine instead,” he says, adding that he is really grateful about being connected with a seasoned professional in a matter of minutes. It was a world apart from his previous experience in the hospital emergency room. “I had to wait a few hours for the doctor to arrive, while being treated by his residents who frankly weren’t sure what to do. I also had to queue up to pay my bill before they admitted me. Imagine having to do that covered in hives!” he recalls. Doctor 24×7 gave him access to a qualified doctor who calmed his nerves, was experienced about such situations and prescribed the right medication for his condition. “Doctor 24×7 practically saved my life,” Ashutosh says, urging others to download the app in case of an emergency.

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