The doctors make a real effort to help you feel comfortable, even over the telephone

Bangalore-based Nishanth Gopal was introduced to Doctor 24×7 when his company, Capillary Technologies, entered into a corporate tie-up with Doctor 24×7 to encourage its use among employees.stomach infection

He utilized the app when he came down with a stomach infection recently. “It was about 8 am when I started experiencing severe stomach pain. I wasn’t sure if it was food poisoning or another infection. The hospital was not easily accessible. That was when I decided to use the Doctor 24×7 app,” says Nishanth.

He was connected to a physician within minutes. “The doctor heard out the symptoms and asked detailed questions. He seemed quite experienced. The prescription reached me within 2-3 minutes after the call and I was prescribed probiotics. I was happy with the results since I began feeling better after taking the medications.”

Treatment wasn’t so easy for Nishanth prior to using the Doctor 24×7 app. “I have had to face similar health worries earlier as well. At such times I would have to go to the clinic, wait for the doctor to arrive at 10 am, and stand in a long queue before meeting him.”

“The doctors empanelled with Doctor 24×7 are also very friendly,” adds Nishant. “They are willing to listen and are not in a hurry. Even though it’s a mobile platform, there is no disturbance in the background when the doctors are speaking. And they make a genuine effort to help the patient feel comfortable even over the telephone.”

Nishant has already recommended the Doctor 24×7 app to many of his friends. “I have no prior experience of using a doctor-on-call app but I am very happy with this one and have no intention of changing it,” he says. And he’s pleased that his company is promoting it. “I am definitely happy to use the app. It’s a valuable added employee benefit from the company.”

Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a GP or specialist anytime, anywhere. The first consult is free.

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