amitchand1Father of two, businessman Amit Chand had anticipated the need for a doctor on call and downloaded the Dr 24×7 app before he had cause to use it. The first time he called was when his elder daughter, age 6, complained of a stomach ache at 9 pm. At that time of night, the Chands weren’t sure whom to turn to. “While we do see doctors locally, we don’t share a comfort level with any of them to pick up the phone and call at any time of day or night. Plus at 9 pm, we would not have found any clinic open,” the Gurgaon resident says.

Amit found the app interface easy to navigate, and within a minute, received a call back from the doctor. “The doctor may not have been able examine my daughter but he asked a lot of questions about her health history and symptoms. It was very easy to get a consult over the phone.” He was impressed the doctor’s treatment plan included both immediate and long-term measures. “Even the medicines he prescribed were easily available. My daughter was fine the next day,” Amit reveals.

Day and night access to a health specialist is reassuring

As parents who don’t believe in relying on their judgment to administer medicines to their children, the Dr 24×7 app gives the Chands a sense of comfort. “We may have known our daughter did not have a serious problem but it helped to hear it from a physician,” Amit explains. Access to a pediatric specialist at any time of day or night, which Dr 24×7 provides, is hugely reassuring for them. The convenience the app allows is an added plus. “The whole consult took under five minutes. If we had to visit a doctor locally, zeroing in on doctor availability, checking clinic timings, the commute and wait time would have taken at least an hour. With our two-year-old daughter, all of that would have been very difficult to accomplish.”

Amit feels Dr 24×7 is one app everyone should have installed on their phones. “In an emergency, there is no time to think. If you already have the app on your phone, like I did, it is a convenient and efficient way to get professional medical advice,” he shares, adding, “I only have good things to say about it!”