It’s a great employee benefit. More companies should sign up with Doctor 24X7

abhijeet-charitaBangalore-based Abhijeet Vijayvergiya and his wife, Charita Sarda, used the Doctor 24×7 app to get medical advice for their three week-old baby when he fell ill recently.

Abhijeet’s company, Capillary Technologies, offered the Doctor 24×7 app to its employees as part of a corporate tie-up. Charita got the opportunity to use it shortly after when their baby started throwing up violently one night.

“It was around 9 pm when our little baby started vomiting. It’s not unusual for babies to throw up but this time it seemed quite serious. I got worried and decided to consult a doctor. But at that time of the night, going to a hospital would have meant consulting with the duty doctor and not a specialist paediatrician,” explains Charita.

She logged on to the Doctor 24×7 app and was connected with a paediatrician instantly. The doctor heard out the problem and sent over a prescription within minutes. However, Charita was sceptical about taking advice from a doctor merely on the basis of a telephone call and decided to clear her misgivings by Googling the medicines on the internet. It was only after she was fully satisfied that she gave the medicines to her son. “You could say it was my motherly instinct kicking in,” she smiles.

The doctor had diagnosed reflux, and their baby was better shortly after taking the dosage. Later, Charita also consulted her own paediatrician who agreed with the line of treatment which had been admini stered.

Happy with her experience of the app, Charita believes it’s an especially useful employee benefit which corporates should consider. She works in the marketing division of a major Indian e-commerce company and says she is planning to recommend this app to her management. “A majority of the people working today are in the 28-40 age group which is when health problems start kicking in. This is also an age when many parents come to live with their children and they obviously have health issues. Such factors make this app a great employee benefit which companies should offer their employees,” she says.

If you need to speak to a doctor, download the Doctor 24×7 app and converse from the comfort of your home.

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