‘It’s a great service, especially for women who shy away from gynaecologists’

gynaecologistsGurgaon resident Neha Bhushan has a six day work week, which makes it impossible for her to take time out to see the doctor. “Since most clinics are shut on Sunday, I was looking for an alternative to visiting the doctor,” says Neha, a fashion designer.

She chanced upon Doctor 24×7 while browsing the app store and downloaded it. She feels lucky she had it handy when she needed to phone in with a medical problem.

“It was in the evening after work, but I needed to ask a gynaecologist some questions,” she says. She found it particularly comforting that she could read up about the credentials of the doctors on the panel. “It made me feel more confident about making the call,” she says.

‘Despite the nature of my problem, there was no awkwardness during the consult’

Neha was happy with how quickly she was connected with a gynaecologist specialist and relieved at the doctor’s self-assurance. There was none of the awkwardness that women often experience during consults of an intimate nature. “It was a very professional consult, to the point. I was told what I needed to do next and some tips on how to avoid it from recurring. There was nothing uncomfortable about it,” Neha recalls. The doctor sent her a prescription via the app, which she took to her chemist.

She had no concerns about bypassing a physical exam since her predicament didn’t necessitate it. “I described my symptoms, and then a course of treatment was recommended. If I needed a physical exam the doctor would have asked me to go in for one. Given my schedule, Doctor 24×7 saved me time I would have spent going to a clinic or ignoring a condition that was easily rectified with a phone call,” Neha says.

‘There’s a level of anonymity a phone consult allows that is reassuring’

And while Neha isn’t uncomfortable visiting a gynaecologist, she knows many women in India are and would, therefore, recommend this consult for them. “There’s a level of anonymity a phone consult allows that is reassuring. It should encourage more women to seek help if they are experiencing any gynaecological problems,” she explains.

Neha has been recommending the Doctor 24×7 app to others for its efficient and expert consults. In her words, “It’s an extremely usable app and makes expert advice available to anyone, anywhere. Everyone in India may not have access to the best medical facilities. But people are opting for smartphones daily, and with an app like Doctor 24×7, they can access superior medical service regardless of where they live or how much money they make. I love the fact that it’s breaking down barriers.”

Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a GP or specialist anytime, anywhere. The first consult is free.

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