‘I was happy the doctor I spoke to was affiliated to a hospital I’m familiar with’

Bangalore-based software engineer Swetha Ghorpade discovered Doctor 24×7 through a Facebook ad.hospital I’m familiar with

“My daughter who is a few months old had a skin rash for which I had visited our paediatrician. The doctor said it was an insect bite and that there was nothing to worry about. But when two days later another rash appeared on her skin, I began to get concerned. I was thinking of going to see the doctor again when I came across a Facebook ad asking people to download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a doctor if they wanted a second opinion. It was all a pleasant coincidence,” says Swetha.

She downloaded the app right away and called a paediatrician to confirm the diagnosis. She was connected to a doctor within a few minutes. “I spoke to a doctor from Bangalore’s Sakra Hospital, which is quite reputed in the city. Since it was a doctor from a familiar hospital, I was satisfied,” she says.

The paediatrician heard out Swetha who even sent a picture of the affected area to the doctor over WhatsApp (there is a feature in the Doctor 24×7 app which allows users to upload documents and photos, but Swetha didn’t know about it then). The doctor wrote out a prescription and sent it to Swetha within a few minutes.

Swetha is happy to have discovered Doctor 24×7 and plans to use it again. “I have not used other doctor-on-call apps but was very satisfied with my experience with Doctor 24×7. I have even shared my experience on my Facebook wall so that more people may know about it,” she says.

Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a qualified big-city Doctor anytime, from anywhere. 24X7. 

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