‘I’m totally convinced by the quality of treatment prescribed by Doctor 24×7’

When Kiran Kumar, a team leader at Capillary Technologies, Bangalore, received a bulk mailer from the HR department, he decided to take a look.kiran

“The HR department sends us dozens of emails like this every day asking us to try out different things but we ignore all of them. But for some reason, I decided to open this particular email,” says Kiran.

The email, sent to all employees of the company, urged them to try out Doctor 24×7. Kiran happened to be suffering from an earache at the time and decided to test the app. “I called a doctor and I was connected within 80-90 seconds. The doctor appeared to be an experienced professional. He quizzed me thoroughly, asking me questions like whether I also had a cough and cold and where I was experiencing pain. Finally, he wrote out a prescription for the infection.”

The prescription reached Kiran within a few minutes, but he wasn’t ready to start on it without verifying. He decided to approach his family doctor for a second opinion. It was only after the family doctor had approved of the treatment that Kiran started taking the medicines.

Kiran now says he is glad that he tried the app. “You can get in touch with the doctor anytime. Prescriptions and reports can also be uploaded,” he says. With his personal doctor vouching for the treatment prescribed by Doctor 24×7, he is also convinced about the quality of medical advice.

Now, he is encouraging his team at work to try out the app. “So many activities happen at our office like yoga and meditation but we are unable to participate in them because we are so busy. And usually, I am the reason my team is unable to participate because I am always pushing them to finish their work. So when I myself recommended the app to my team, they seemed surprised. They went ahead and downloaded the app,” he says, recommending you do too!

Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a qualified big-city Doctor anytime, from anywhere. 24X7.

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