I live in a sparsely populated area with two kids and an elderly father, so this app is extremely useful

Doctor 24x7 appAhmedabad-based Sonal Mitra used the Doctor 24×7 app recently when her 18-year-old daughter suddenly took ill at night.

“It was about 12.30 pm and my daughter was shivering extensively, which was strange because we were in a city like Ahmedabad which often sees 40 degree Celsius temperatures during this season. Our local doctor was not available so late at night and I was quite frightened—there are so many diseases that are doing the rounds these days,” says Sonal, who is a businesswoman and owns a multiplex in the city.

Having heard about the Doctor 24×7 app from a friend, she had it downloaded on her phone for an emergency. She used it to instantly connect with a doctor. “What was amazing was that the doctor was really professional even at that late hour. He was polite and very alert. After listening to the complaint he told us that it was nothing to worry about. He just prescribed some antacid. He said that it looked like the onset of viral fever and he was proven right when within a week the symptoms became more pronounced,” says Sonal.

This was not the first time Sonal used the app—she had used it for her son during the daytime earlier—but this was the more critical instance. Having received good quality medical advice at an hour when it’s tough to get in touch with any doctor, she is completely sold on the utility of this app.

“I live in a sparsely populated area on the outskirts of Gandhinagar with two kids and an elderly father. For people like me, this app is extremely useful,” she says.

Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a specialist any time, anywhere. The first consult is free.

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