If I had to rate this app, I would probably give it 11 on 10

Prashant Kr Singh With His Mother.
Prashant with his mother

Prashant Kumar Singh and his wife Saranga found themselves grappling with a medical emergency a few weeks ago when Prashant’s mother, a 61-year-old hypertension patient, suddenly started complaining of uneasiness at 4.30 am. “We do not have a family physician. I did not know who to contact in such a situation. I was unsure of how serious her condition was and whether it required hospitalization,” says Saranga, a Gurgaon-based marketing professional.

That was when the couple decided to use the Doctor 24×7 app. Despite the early hour, they were connected to a doctor within seconds. “There was no delay in connecting to the doctor,” says Prashant, who works as country manager with Callaway Golf.

After some preliminary questions, the doctor advised hospital admission for the patient to keep her under observation for stroke. “That was what was worrying us. Without medical advice, we were clueless whether her condition was serious enough to require hospitalization. The doctor cleared that doubt for us,” says Saranga, adding that Doctor 24×7’s timely advice has ensured her mother-in-law is on the mend.

This was the first time Saranga used the Doctor 24×7 app and it made a tremendous impression on her. “Using the app was not complicated at all. Though we accessed it at a critical time, I found the process to be very smooth and efficient. The app was very easy to navigate,” she says.

The couple was equally impressed with the conduct of the doctor. “We were worried about the response of the doctor at that odd hour, but he seemed very professional and empathetic. He sounded neither drowsy nor sleepy. It came as a pleasant surprise,” says Prashant.  “He took time to understand our concerns and asked us several questions before giving us his medical advice. He was very sweet,” adds Saranga.

Pleased with their experience, Prashant and Saranga say they highly recommend the app. “I’ve been telling everyone to download and keep it. You never know when you will need it in an emergency,” says Saranga. “It’s an incredibly useful app to have. It has a panel of doctors as good as one can get. If I had to rate this app, I would probably give it 11 on 10,” adds Prashant.

Download the Doctor 24×7 app and speak to a GP or specialist any time, anywhere. The first consult is free.

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