‘Who wants to wait at a clinic for an hour-and-a-half? I choose Doctor 24×7 app’

saila kukarOn a visit to her hometown Jaipur this February, New York-based Saila Kukar found herself struck down by a nasty cough.

“After two days of suffering, I knew I needed help. I had heard about the Doctor 24×7 app from my friends so I downloaded it to contact a physician,” Saila says. It was around 5 pm when she called and she was happy with her consult with “a very attentive doctor”. She put the phone down, only to realize she had some additional queries about her condition. “I sent my picture to the doctor as a follow-up. Within 10 minutes, I was sent a prescription,” says Saila, who is in the real estate business in the United States.

It took me 10 seconds to connect to a doctor

The efficiency of the consult came as a pleasant surprise, considering the experience she had on her last trip to India. “I needed to see a doctor so I went to a clinic in Jaipur where I had to wait for an hour-and-a-half,” she recalls, adding, “I would choose this (the Doctor 24×7 app) over waiting any day,” she says.

Saila says the app is particularly helpful for people like her, who live abroad and travel to India on short visits. It saves them the trouble of looking for good physicians in an unfamiliar city or when they are pressed for time. “Living in New York, I am familiar with using apps and I find Doctor 24×7 very user-friendly,” says Saila, who has got her family to download the app as well. “It took me 10 seconds to connect to a doctor and 30 seconds for him to call back. I was very, very satisfied with the results.”

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